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Waterproof Cat Litter Mat

Waterproof Cat Litter Mat

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Keep Your Floors Clean

Say goodbye to scattered litter and messy floors with the Ascent Pets Waterproof Cat Litter Mat. Designed specifically for cat owners, this mat provides a clean and convenient solution to trap litter and prevent it from spreading throughout your home.


EFFICIENT LITTER TRAPPING: Our Waterproof Cat Litter Mat features a unique design that effectively traps litter particles as your cat exits the litterbox. The textured surface ensures maximum contact with your cat's paws, capturing even the tiniest granules before they have a chance to scatter.

WATERPROOF & MESS-FREE: Made from high-quality materials, this mat is waterproof and moisture-resistant. Any urine or liquid spills are contained within its layers, preventing them from seeping through onto your floors. Simply wipe clean or rinse under running water for hassle-free maintenance.

GENTLE ON PAWS: We prioritize your cat's comfort! The soft yet durable material of our litter mat provides a gentle surface for their sensitive paws.

EASY TO CLEAN & MAINTAIN: Cleaning up after your feline friend has never been easier! This mat is designed for quick cleaning - simply shake off excess litter into the trash or vacuum it up effortlessly when needed.



TIP: If your pet is really messy you can use puppy pads to soak the excess urine from the cat litter pad.

Dimensions: 18" x 24"

Color: Black

Material: EVA

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